Custom Sneakers!


Jhonnathan Vargas is a Colombian couture designer and founder of the VDFEL brand. At the university he made his first design using suede for a men's clothing collection. Since then, his passion for this art began.



A friend told him about the Shoe Surgeon School and he decided to enter. His intention was not to compete but to learn. He felt committed to make the competition a personal challenge.
When he learned that he had won the competition, he couldn't believe it. It was a very exciting feeling that left him speechless. It was one of the most important moments of his life. Since then, he decided to make sneaker customization his lifestyle.




Jhonnathan won the competition with his "Ocean" design which was inspired by the colors of the ocean. He also worked as a designer for a Mexican women's clothing company. He is passionate to see how an idea in his head becomes a reality. He always observes his surroundings, especially nature: his greatest source of inspiration.



He has collaborated with Sneaker Open from México and Sneakerzine from Colombia. Currently, he´s working on new design projects. Soon he hopes to make more collaborations with artists and influencers.
Customizing sneakers is a job that takes a lot of time. That is why Jhonnatan wants his work to form culture, inspiring people to know and value more the handmade arts. VDFEL´s main goal is to offer a high quality product with which each customer feels identified.